Getting married in Victoria. One of our celebrants inside the Victorian relationship Registry

Getting married in Victoria. One of our celebrants inside the Victorian relationship Registry

Getting married in Victoria. One of our celebrants inside the Victorian relationship Registry

To discover hitched in Victoria, you want to:

  • Contact qualifications needs
  • Resort a the time to find out Intended relationship (NOIM)
  • Generally be partnered by a registered civilized nuptials celebrant or an authorised minister of faith
  • Have got 2 witnesses enroll in your wedding ceremony.

Should you want to come hitched inside the Victorian Marriage Registry:

The exact same sexual intercourse nuptials

In Australia, what the law states let marriage between both opposite-sex and same-sex people.


You can wed in Victoria if you’re:

  • Aged 18 age or more aged, or
  • Between 16 and 18 years old, marrying someone who’s at least 18 yrs old.

If you should be 16 or 17 years of age, before you decide to wed you need to get:

  • a writ from a judge or magistrate enabling the marriage, and
  • Written agree from the mothers.
  • Become already married to somebody else
  • Marry an in depth brother (father or mother, grandparent, son or daughter, grandchild, sibling or related).

Resort A Notice of Intended Wedding

You have to dwell a the time to find out proposed relationships (NOIM) a minimum of one period before your wedding day.

Celebrants and ministers

Relationships in Victoria need to be played by an authorised celebrant, just like:

  • Our celebrants during the Victorian relationship Registry
  • Territory officials at some territorial surfaces (speak to your local courtroom for details)
  • Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants (discover Australian authorities Attorney-General’s team web site (exterior website link) for a list)
  • Ministers of institution of recognized denominations.


Wedding operate 1961 and Matrimony requirements regulate marriage around australia. The two identify the needs that a marriage service must encounter.

The design and duration of the wedding is up to a person. You might choose for:

  • A service that also includes just the appropriate needs
  • A longer commemoration.

Your very own celebrant or minister will confirm the phraseology which commemoration must contain.

There’s certainly no fix price for a wedding event service in Victoria. Establish bills together with your celebrant or minister before scheduling wedding ceremony.

Witnesses at the event

Want two witnesses in your wedding service, inside:

  • Witness the service
  • Notice the marriage records.

Witnesses tends to be any member of the family or buddy whos no less than 18 years.

Proof matrimony

On special day, you will get a commemorative relationship certification. It isn’t really exactly like a legitimate nuptials certification and generally can not be utilized for official reasons as proof your own union.

Once your union is definitely subscribed (your celebrant or minister will do this), you can easily sign up for a legitimate union document.

Changing your brand

In many instances, there’s no need to get an alteration of name to defend myself against your partner’s parents title. Determine Changing your identity after nuptials, separation or splitting up.

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